Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pandora was drifting in and out of sleep when the band's music brought her to full alert...She wasn't getting any vibes from Ob, but the very music spoke of their anger and frustration with Tori's abduction. She knew he was shielding her from all the negativity...but the music spoke volumes.

Glancing down she saw that Teri was wide awake... his eyes intense again with that fire that seemed just beneath the surface. She might not be picking up emotions from Obsidian; but his son obviously was.... Chloe slept beside them in the bed where Ob had placed her before all the negotiations started downstairs.

From her peaceful look, the emotions that fired Teri were not reaching her. Another bit of information to share with her husband... their son was apparently the warrior born; she could feel his will to reach out to the other gargoyles... he was born with a keen survival sense. She stroked his face, watching for any signs of his need; bringing him to her breast she offered him nourishment... but he placed his hand on her breast, connecting with her... but just lay solemnly watching her in return; as if he wished to please her, but his attention was distracted.

Pandora whispered.."Already you are the warrior, ready to stand beside your kin; you must wait Kaltero... you have much growing to do before you stand beside your father and the others." Teri's eyes flared with light and the barest little smile quirked the corners of his little bud of a mouth... as if she pleased him in acknowledging who and what he was.

She lifted him to her bodice and lay against the pillows cuddling him, basking in the wonder of this strange new child... knowing there were going to be many challenges ahead....

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