Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ghaunt pulls Star behind him, dodging other servants carrying huge platters and pitchers. “They are getting things ready... Ardara must be counting on this to be a great celebration.”

Star nods, her eyes huge at the sights in the temple, from the oppressive size of the place to the scared looking servants, the constant darkness and rank air. She already wants to go home, back to the woods and sunshine, Ru and Mera and her animals.

Suddenly the hall opens up into a large room. No furnishings except for the tapestries on the walls and two chairs and a table placed close to the fire. A hallway leading off the room that looks to go downwards but Star couldnt be sure in the dim light from the fire. The guard stationed next to it looked frightening to her, his face grim, his huge sword held across his chest.

Star jumps when she hears Ardaras voice. She cant understand the words but the disdain and contempt are clear in the womans voice. Star lowers her gaze as Ardara approaches but gets a glimpse of evil red eyes, silver white hair and a tall lithe body.

“Well, well, Ghaunt.. what have we here? A mate? Or did you bring me something else to offer Lolth along with the gargoyle woman?” Ardara reaches down and tips Stars chin with a slender bejeweled hand so she can look at her face.

“Pretty for a halfling... “

Ghaunt clears his throat, “She is my mate. Her name is Nat'laer, and she is mute. I do not wish to sacrifice her...”

An evil laugh erupts from the tall woman, “Dont worry Ghaunt. I will permit you your plaything … for now... And a mute you said? Where is she from? She obviously doesnt speak our language... nevermind. It really doesnt matter. At least I will be spared another females senseless chatter.” Her glance moves from Star to the guard. “Show her how to feed my gift...she might as well make herself useful, besides fucking you..”

Ardara turns to leave the room but turns back to Ghaunt. “Be ready for the ceremony. I dont think I want to wait another two days. I am going to consult with the Priests now. Make sure the rest of the slaves know their part.”

Ghaunt chokes down his panic, We will have no time to prepare... I hope Inari is here and knows this.....

“Will you stop the Bal-Char, Mistress? I will show Nat'laer her duties immediately...” Ghaunt isnt sure if Ardara will agree to this when she obviously is anxious to leave but to his surprise she does.

“Very well. Just dont let her escape, or the two of you will be taking her place...”

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