Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The stream of unadulterated cursing causes Ike to blush. Tori isn't one to hold back. Ob bites back a smile and Stoney whistles softly.

Tori's going to start a new trend among the Drow... neutered priests.

Tannr's thougthts seethe along the open mental link. Stoney does some fast talking. He sends Ghaunt's words to the Viking, along with the warning to keep himself hidden. Too many people needed to get into position before their presence becomes known. Tannr doesn't like it, but he knows Tori's brother is right.

She is as well as she is because she hasn't given in. If she had broken, the Drow would have killed her. Hang in there mon ami.

Ike tugs at Tori's thoughts. They are thick, muddled. Tori responds slowly.

Star... I swear I saw... Star. tell me is isn't her...

Ike tugs harder, trying to break through the drugs.

It is. Only a few can get close to you. Tori... The captured Gar's attention seems to drift. TORI.

What...? Her voice is distant, drifting.

Star is there to help. Erik is not far away. Tannr isn't far either. Tori is more aware at Tannr's name. That's it, Tor. Stay with me. She feels Tannr reaching out, trying so hard to reach Tori. Heads up sis. Your man is chomping at the bit.

Ike goes quiet, letting Tori feel Tannr. His anger is a white hot rush and Ike hopes it will burn out the fog induced by the drugs. She slowly withdraws, letting them feel each other. Tori's fingers trace along Tannr's cheek, stroking into his loose hair. Coppertop...

The anger in him banks, smouldering as they talk. She touches him gently, as if committing his face to memory. Ike breaks off, knowing their link wouldn't fall apart if she were gone. Stoney bolsters the link, quiet as he lets the couple regain their strengths. Ob slides an arm around Ik'e shoulder, letting her hide her tears.

Her words are soft, strangled, kept out her thoughts. "She is doubting she will make it out alive."

Ob nods. "You know it, we know it. But she is wrong Malachite. They are bringing her home." He hugs her, a wry grin twisting his lips. "Tannr won't allow any other way."

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