Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raina looks down, not sure how she feels about Inaris comments. She takes a deep breath and tries to center herself. Everyones emotions are close to the edge and she is no exception.

She leans back into Nick when she feels his hand on her shoulder.

“I am going to need to rest. You can count on my help when I wake....” Nick kisses her, tells her he loves her and is gone.

Watching as two of the Riders come down the stairs but no Tannr, Raina exchanges a look with Erik. He starts to stand and she stops him, “No, I'll go.”

Out on the roof it takes a moment for Rainas eyes to adjust to the dark. Her eyes scan the roof where many practice sessions had taken place. A ghost of smile teases her lips as she remembers the first time Nick had seen her animals. Then her eyes see something in the middle of the roof. Its Tannr, kneeling, shoulders heaving. Raina cant tell if he is trying to catch his breath from the tussle with Ghaunt and the Riders or crying.

She approaches slowly, making enough noise so that he can hear her. “Tannr? Hey... are you okay?”

Tannr shakes his head and doesnt say anything. Raina hesitates a moment, the anger and grief are rolling off Tannr in waves and she needs to block some of it.

She kneels in front of him and takes his face in one hand, the other pushing the copper mane away. “Hey... it's going to be okay.... we'll get her back...”

Tannr opens his eyes that had been squeezed tight and looks at Raina, pain, misery, anger all apparent in the emerald depths so much like her own.

“I dont think I can do this again... if she dies....”

“Tannr! Dont think that way... If anyone can help us with a plan and an attack its Inari. We are all going to help... Erik is coming with you... and Keon... Dont lose hope.... Her brothers arent going to sit still for this either...”

“I know... I know.... I am so scared Raina. I cant feel her... I miss her. I cant help wondering where it is they have taken her and whats happening to her. I feel so powerless...” Tannr squeezes his eyes tight again, not wanting his sister to see the tears he was desperately trying to hold back.

But Raina notices and wraps her arms around her brother, offering what comfort she can. When his breathing returns to normal she looks up at him. “She's a strong woman, you know that. She is probably giving them so much Hel they'll be happy to let you have her back.” Raina smiles at the small grin she sees and pulls Tannr to his feet. “You need to get what rest you can. Sounds like we'll be heading out this coming evening...”

“I dont think I can sleep.... Rain...can you do something for me? If I dont make it back...”

“Whoooaa... we are all coming back, along with a red headed gargoyle....”

Tannr grabs Rainas arm. “Please Rain. Just listen.”

Hearing the seriousness in his voice Raina nods and he continues.

“If anything happens to Tori, I wont be back. I will start killing Drow until I cant... In my room above the stables, I have money, gold coins, a few jewels....” Tannr takes a deep breath. “Split it all up between Ruarc, Mera and Toris nieces and nephews. Promise me...”

“I swear, on my honor. But thats not going to happen. Come on.... You can stay at our place tonight. Nick already headed home and Ky isnt back yet. The day sleepers will all be turning in, its almost sunrise...”

Nodding, Tannr looks to the lightness beginning to touch the sky. He tries to send to Tori for what seems like the millionth time... I love you baby... I'm coming to get you, just hang on....

Tannr stops at the slight sensation. A feathers touch, the slide of nails across the front of shoulders, and slipping through his hair.

A soft breath drifts through his mind, a wisp of nothing. Tannr...?Just made this nightmare bett...

Tori! He tries to send her an image of him wrapping his arms around her, keeping her safe, but the sensation slips away...

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