Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomas is playing in the top tier of the fountain when he looks up and sees a horse galloping towards the manse. He knew the gnomes were set to watch and would only let friends and family through the wards. He keeps watching until the horse approaches and he can see Star. He feels his twin, surprise, then filled with sadness. Being an empath, even a young one, lets her sense all that Star is feeling. Star had been crying and wiped her face with her bloody hand. Consequently she looked as if she was more severely injured than she actually was.

He had been scolded for flying but this was an emergency. As he unfurls his wings, Star slips off the horse and lands in a heap on the grass. Tomas lifts and races into the manse, yelling for his maman all the way while Sylphs scatter at the noise and commotion.

Alise was upstairs helping Rowan and Ike with Tori when she heard the yells. “What in the world has gotten into him? I better go see...”

As Alise turns, Tomas bursts into the room.. *“Maman! Venez vite. Tante Star....

Alise runs out of the room and down the stairs, her son flying right behind her. When they get outside, Laila is kneeling in the grass her arms around a sobbing Star. Alise could see some sort of bundle wiggling between them and thought that Star had found another animal that needed her attention. That thought quickly gone though when she saw Stars face.

Mon Dieu, Star! We must get you inside and to Rowan...” Alise was frightened, Stars face plainly showed her anguish. The blue of her face fading in streaks with her tears and blood smeared across her cheeks. Her usually silky straight hair was a mass of tangles and her clothes ripped.

“I'm fine... its just my fingers. But Ghaunt is dd.. dead, he saved us from a monster spider...” Star sobs and Laila rubs her back, murmuring to her as one would a child. “The Riders went to help with the battle... there are so many Drow...”

Star stops herself, realizing that all the children were looking and listening wide eyed. She feels the wiggling and smiles through her tears as a little face pops out of her robe, reminding her of a weasel poking his head out of its hole.

“Oh! Star... a child? Where did you get him? Or is it a her?” Alise is trying not to laugh. Leave it to Star to find a child in the midst of a rescue and battle.

Tomas had come closer seeing the little boy. He grins when Star tells the group he is a boy. Coming even closer Tomas holds his nose. “Bath... he smells...”

“Tomas! Be polite.” Alise scolds but silently agrees with her son. This little one was in desperate need of soap and water.

Star stands slowly, feeling unbalanced. Her head hurt from crying and the headlong rush to the Manse. “I need to clean up, I want to hold my children and I think Mera is a little frightened of how I look"

Mera approaches and smiles at Star and the boy. She wraps her arms around Stars legs, “Mama...” and Star leans down and tilts the little girls chin with her good hand.

“I will be right back to hug you silly...”

Mera giggles happily and releasing Stars legs she holds her hand out to the little boy trying to hide in Stars cloak. He watches warily for a moment, his eyes taking in all the children and the fountains. He looks up at Star who smiles at him, then he takes Meras hand, curiosity and wanting to play in the water getting the better of him.

Putting an arm around Stars waist, Alise pulls her away from the fountains. “Lets get you up to Rowan. Laila will watch the little ones and I will ask Mortuis what to do with the horse. I assume you are keeping him too?”

*Come quick.

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