Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We were within six yards - six yards! - of the exit and safety. K'thyri was in the lead, Inari and Erik next, ready for whatever might come, and I brought up the rear, with a clothyard shaft for any Drow bold enough to show his face. Six yards... and then it scuttled forward...

Large as a pony, covered with stiff black bristles over a gleaming black carapace... banded in livid purple, with venom dripping from cruelly curved fangs.

It was an enormous spider - servant and guardian of the demon-goddess Lolth.

I wasted two arrows on the thing. The first skimmed along the creature's armor without penetrating; the second hit fair and true, but bounced off without so much as chipping the black shell. I drew my sword, ready to fight or die, or possibly both. Behind me I heard Ky, Erik  and Inari doing the same.

The thing moved faster than I would have believed possible, a massive foreleg scything out to sweep my sword aside. It lunged before I could return to guard -

There was a berserker roar and a massive broadsword buried itself hilt-deep in the hideous head. I looked up in astonishment to see Ghaunt place a booted foot on the monster's skull and tug hard. The blade came free with a ghastly sucking sound, covered in black blood from point to hilt. "Go! I'll cover you." He gave me a grim smile. "It pierced the venom sac," he said reflectively. "One scratch..."

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