Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm not afraid, not with Ky and Inari at my back.

Maybe if I say it often enough, I'll even start to believe it.

We've been slip-sliding our way through this endless bog for several eternities, but finally the end is in sight - and lo and behold, there are trees! The first intimation I have of this fact comes when I almost collide facefirst with a shaggy trunk.

The trees in this place are as creepy as everything else - gnarled and twisted into fantastic shapes that look ready to reach out and grab something, and probably eat it. But they have one distinct advantage - they look to command an excellent view of the temple.

Ky gives the whole thing an unhappy once-over. "Are you sure that's a tree? In this hellhole, it might just be something that looks like one - in which case it probably bites."

"Not to worry. I imagine its bark is worse than its bite." Ky looks at me incredulously, and I shrug. "Only one way to find out. Watch my back."

I leap and cling. Nothing grabs me or bites me or anything, so -

"It's a tree. Hold on, I'm gonna check things out."

I climb higher and find that, as I hoped, the temple is visible in its entirety. I smile grimly as I pick my way back down.

"Better than I could have hoped for. I can see the altar and the priests - everything, in fact. I think we're going to make camp here...."

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