Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the wagon Tannr grabs another towel and holds it to Toris side, the shirt he placed there already soaked with blood. He cringes for Tori every time the wagon hits a bump, knowing she must be in agony.

“I hate these...” Tori slowly lifts a arm and looks at the manacle.

“I know baby. As soon as you get to the Manse we can find someone to get those off.” Tannr puts a little more pressure to Toris wound, singing softly trying to distract her.

Tori grimaces and her mind starts to fade, scaring Tannr. “Hey Red... stay with me... talk to me.... no checking out on me, do you hear?” He is relieved to see her respond, trying to smile. “Theres my girl. We'll be out of here soon and Ike is going to take you to the Manse.”

Tori whispers, “And you?”

“I'll come as soon as I can. You know she can fly faster with just you. And I need to make sure everyone else gets out of this hellhole.”

“Okay...” Too tired to say more but her thoughts reach for Tannr, I love you... and she feels his love wrap around her.

Tannr lifts the blanket and looks out of the back of the wagon. He sends to Stoney, Keon and the group must be doing a good job of holding the Drow back, so far no one is following and we dont have much further. Can Ike fly ahead? Tori is bleeding a lot, I dont know if she would make it as far as the clearing...

Luckily Stoney thought to conceal their conversation from Tori, Tannr being too new at this to be very effective.

How much blood, mon ami?

My shirt, a large towel and now I am adding another...

Tannr hears Alise's sob, Mon Dieu! I will get Rowan here. We will be ready... then Stoney again, Ike and I will fly above and meet you... be watching....

As Tannr settles in under the blanket and close to Tori he feels Fox moving and restless. When he cant seem to calm the creature, Tannr sits up and releases him from his back. He scratches the white ears and murmurs,

*Fela sjálfur. dvöl með hana jafnvel hvenær the ufsagrýla tekur hana...

The small white fox darts under the covers and curls up next to Tori, resting his head on her shoulder. Tori smiles softly and turns her head feeling the soft fur against her chin.

“I knew he liked me...”Tori closes her eyes, gasping shallowly with each jolt of the wagon.

If I go stone, the manacles will pop off.


Ike's voice startles everyone in the link. Tannr jerks as Tori's eyes fly open.

You can nae sleep. If ye go ta sleep, ye may not wake..

A highland brogue rumbles in her words, betraying her distress. Tori nods slowly, her thoughts slow to follow. Aye, I remember... There is a pause, a quiet moment until Ike screams her name through the links. Tori stares at Tannr.

She licks her lips and tries again. "Coppertop... pinch me, dig at the wound, anything if I start to fade off, or if my skin starts to go gray. Keep me with you." She pauses, taking a weak breath. "If I go stone, it may be a long time before I become flesh again."

Tannr grips her hand as the fox digs his claws into her shoulder. She winces. "Like that... just like that guys..."

"Tori." She doesn't respond, staring up at the cloth over them. "TORI."

She turns her head slowly.

"What happens... why can't you go to stone?"

She licks her lips slowly. "Too much blood loss. It will take a long time for my body to remake blood. It will be a long time before I can come back... to you."

Tannr squeezes her hand tight. "How long?"

Her lids close, a tear slipping down her cheek. "Years."

Taking a deep breath, Tannr nods his hand slowly wiping the tear away. “I would wait forever, if thats what it takes. But I would much rather keep you awake.”

“Then hurt me baby... hurt me good...”

Tannr nods, kisses her gently and reaches for another towel, hating what he has to do but knowing there is no other way...

*Hide yourself... stay with her even when the gargoyle takes her.

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