Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keons grin fades at the sound of sobbing. “Oh... puir lass...” His gaze takes in Ghaunt on the ground, in an ever-widening pool of blood, Star kneeling next to him holding his hand, sobbing her heart out.

Stars sobs were heart-wrenching to hear. Tannr sees how helpless Erik is feeling, guilt and sadness written all over his face.

“Heads up! We are about to have company...” Gareths shout cuts through the gathering as several Drow warriors make their way through the entrance and out of Underdark.

Star looks up, tears still streaming and urgently grabs Inaris hand. “You must take him to the Grove...”

“Princess... there isnt time...” Erik glances to the entrance and the Drow trying to get past Gareth and Ky.

Glancing from her husband back to Inari, Star pleads. “You have to take him, you know what they will do with his body... I wont allow it....”

Star stands and closes her eyes, “Wish! Come to me... now...” Turning to Inari as Wish begins to take form in front of them, “Wish can have you there in an instant and bring you back to rejoin the fight. Please Inari, I cant leave him to... them...”

Pausing only for an instant Inari nods. “I will take him there and return. We can send a message with details later...”

Erik interrupts, grabbing Star by the arm. “All right, this is settled.Now get on that horse and get to the clearing. Have one of the Riders take you to the Manse and send whoever else can be spared here. We are way outnumbered.”

Star nods, whispers something to the horse and hands the small dirty child to Erik. “Hand him up when I get on...”

Erik nods. He absently rubs the little boys back in his worry and feels the little body relax against his.

Once on the horses back Star quickly removes her cloak and rips a long piece off the bottom. When she reaches for the boy Erik hands him up and watches as she quickly ties the small body to her own. Another small piece around her injured fingers and she is ready.

“I love you...”

'And I you... now go... dont stop for anything...” Erik slaps the horses rear and watches as his wife gallops down the path to the clearing. “Gods go with them and keep them safe.” He draws his sword and joins the battle.

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