Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Later that evening Inari unrolls the map as she prepares to go over the details of the rescue with the group. K'thyri and Drai had confirmed the entrance and Ghaunt was back at the Temple. Suddenly a demifae streaks in the front door and straight to Inari. He lands on the table and gives a short bow to Inari. She leans close and once the message is delivered Mya escorts the demifae to the kitchens.

“I think we can start if it's agreeable to everyone...”

The table is cleared of the supper meal and the little ones are taken upstairs before the trip to the Manse.

“Ghaunt was correct when he told of the entrance. Ky has confirmed this information. I have also just received a message from Ghaunt. The Temple is preparing for the sacrifice, so it should take place in two or three days. He has also arranged for a wagon of wine casks to be delivered. We need to meet with that wagon. Ghaunt will be driving it, then Star can join him and Tannr can be hidden in it. Erik...”

Eriks head snaps up, not liking any of this plan as long as his wife was involved in it.

“I need you to be on guard at the entrance. When we leave Underdark the Drow guards will need to be taken care of if they intend to stop or follow us.”

Inari points to locations on the map as she speaks. Everyone looks on with interest, anxious to get the mission started. She points out the ridge line and the clearing and explains that the gars will be waiting in the clearing for any Drow that manage to follow. “Ikes job is to get Tori from this clearing to the Manse without delay. We dont know that she'll be injured in any way, but I dont want to chance it. There is no sunlight in Underdark... none... I dont know if that will effect her or not.”

Raina looks around at the assembled faces. Tannr has started pacing, his face as grim as the rest. Stoney looks like... well... stone... his visage almost frightening. Rainas thoughts swirl and go to the time when Alise was captive. In many ways, this was far worse and she thought Stoney realized it. Alise was captured by a lone madman, granted he had a few cohorts in his pack, and she was held on the outskirts of town, not really all that far away. Tori was being held in an unfamiliar world, an entirely different realm and who knows how far away? And she was surrounded by an entire race of people that saw her and anyone else as an inferior being. Raina shook her head to clear it and realized she had missed some of the conversation. She looks to Nick who fills her in..

“Gars in the clearing, Riders at the Shadow Paths, Erik at the entrance, Star with Ghaunt trying to locate where Tori is being held, in case we can get her out before the ceremony but that does look to be the best shot. Tannr waiting until the ceremony and will take Tori to the wagon and hide her. Ky and Gareth causing a ruckus so Tannr can gain some time... Keon sneaking in through the water channels and will help where needed, probably with Ghaunt and Star... I dont know, Rain. One wrong move and the whole thing could fall apart...”

Raina pays closer attention to Inari as she goes into the details and contingencies. Raina had complete faith in Inari, her skills and strategy. But Nicks words kept echoing in head, One wrong move, one wrong move....

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