Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ghaunt was waiting with the wagon as the group slowed the horses and dismounted under the cover of darkness and the woods. A few whispered instructions from Inari and Ghaunt was helping conceal Tannr in a false bottom in the wagon. He adjusted a few of the barrels and ran a critical eye over the arrangement. Nothing seemed out of place; with luck and the grace of the Goddess, no one would ever notice. He whispers quickly to Star, “Act as a servant, and do not speak. Not to me, not to Tori should you see her. There are many eyes and ears in the temple. I will tell Ardara you are my chosen and mute.”

Star runs to Erik and throws her arms around him. “I love you with all my heart....”

“I love you too Princess....” Erik's voice cracks a bit, filled with anxiety about this plan. He kisses Star and then she is being helped into the wagon. He watches silently with Inari as Ghaunt steers the horses down the path and into the entrance to Underdark.

Inari waits a few minutes after the wagon is out of sight. She goes over Erik's part with him again. “I am going to see what I can find out and see if Keon has made it in. If anything goes wrong, I swear I will get Star out safely.”

Erik nods but his mind goes back to the last conversation he had with Raina and the gargoyles. If Inari's plan failed, Dragon, Phoenix and the gars would make rubble out of Underdark, treaties be damned.

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