Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Shifter couple have undergone an amazing transformation. Each wears a spell woven into their hair, giving them the semblance of Erik and Star. Wish waits with them as Rowan helps Star make her own changes. Once the pair is escorted to the Tavern, Wish and Pike will pick up the Gargoyle brothers and spell themselves to the clearing.

The trio appears on the porch and Pike hands Erik a hooded cloak. When Erik frowns, Pike explains. "Once we leave here, there are eyes in the woods. It is better to have only one Lord Erik among us."

Wish holds out a cloak to Star. As She slips into it. Wish moves to Rowan's van and waits for the Shifter Erik to open the back doors, She tosses a thick blanket into the back and carefully climbs inside. Pike waits as everyone else settles into seats, then joins Wish. He taps the corners of the blanket, spelling it to keep it from moving about. The doors slam shut with a wave of his fingers. His hand closes around Wish's, hiding her trembling from the others. Her eyes find his, then close, breathing carefully of the steel tainted air.

Pike swallows hard, as he pulls a spelled bubble around them. Wish breathes easier as he closes off most of the metallic essence surrounding them.

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