Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keon turns, sword spinning in one hand, dagger readied for a throw. Adara's voice cuts across the crowd.

"Assassin! They are yours!"

Keon bows gracefully as Drow civilians scatter. Tannr and Tori make his side in no time, Gareth and Ky covering their flanks. Eite slips behind him, a purloined basket on her arm. He covers their backs as they pass him. Adara screams in rage.

"How DARE you defy ME!"

Magic flares, eldritch casting crashes against fae shielding. Keon laughs, although he has felt the power in her spell. His voice is low, pitched only to be heard by the five people closest to him.

"Move out. NOW. I am not sure I can hold against her."

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