Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inari watches the band closely, aware that Ike is upset, not necessarily with her but not liking the plan so far. Opening one of her maps a tentative plan takes shape in her mind. When Ike steps off the stage, Inari is there.

“Can I show you something?”

Ike looks to her brothers who both nod and she walks with Inari to the family table.

“I'll make this quick for now as I know you will be going to rest soon.” Inari points to a spot on her map, “This is the entrance that Ghaunt uses, which I think Ky will verify for us shortly.” Her finger slips along a ridge line above the entrance and about a mile away to a small clearing in the woods. “Once our group has Tori, this is the rendezvous point. And where I need you.”

Inari sees the anger still smoldering in Ikes eyes and sighs softly. “I know you want to be in on the action and I explained earlier why that isnt possible in Underdark. But the Drow will follow, I am sure. The clearing is far enough away from an entrance that we can claim it was simply a raiding party and they attacked.”

Ob and Stoney have stepped up behind Ike. Inari smiles at Ike who has no change in her expression. “None of the Drow that follow can leave that clearing.”

Ikes expression lightens a bit and she feels Obs nod of approval in her mind.

“And you, Ike, I am counting on you to fly your sister to the sorcerers manse from there. We have no way of predicting what injuries she will suffer at being captured by the Drow. Rowan will await you there in case she is needed. The Manse would be the safest place in case of retaliation. Although I dont expect any, you never know. ..”

Ike nods, “I can do this. I will make sure she gets to The Manse.”

“I know you can.” Inari squeezes Ikes shoulder. “And you two, the group must get to the paths with no one following. The clearing is not a large one, easy to box in, easy to… eliminate a potential problem....”

Ob grins, “And how would you like us to accomplish that, Ambassador?”

Inari returns the grin with one of her own, “Any way that you see fit to deal with the scum that kidnapped your sister... leaving them in pieces is fine... or no pieces at all...”

'I think I am beginning to like this plan of the Ambassador's...” Ob thumps Stoney on the back.

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