Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It was quiet; much too quiet after everyone left for the mission. Some of the others who were close to Tori stayed in the tavern, waiting for any word. Pandora abhorred the idea of going upstairs alone and out of the loop if news should emerge... so she decided she would stay downstairs on the couch. Monty went up and got her pillows and comforter to keep her cozy; and Roxi was sitting near visiting with her for awhile to help the time pass.  Pandora knew when Teri wakened, his mind reached for her as soon as he was conscious and she asked Roxi if she would bring him down to her with the small bag the nanny had gathered from the nursery.

Roxi went up with anticipation; she had only seen the babe from afar when everyone greeted Pandora after the birth, and she looked forward to this time with the child. The nanny had Teri bundled and  ready to go; Roxi took the boy and stepped from the room..stopping at the top of the stairs to talk with him a minute. "Hello, little warrior, for I understand that is what your name means; that you will stand with the chosen one when you are grown."

Teri's gaze was intense as he studied her... then when her words were finished ,he smiled...she was astonished at the fire in the depths of his eyes, the intelligence he seemed already to display. Jeb had given her some background into his heritage; and that he would surprise her. Teri raised his hand and she touched him,taking his small hand in her own; he studied her for a moment... although Roxi felt as if his touch was also feeding him information about her. Teri's eyes seemed to lose some of the spark that lit them earlier, as if he was content that she was no danger... and he cooed... a small sound that lit the perfect features of his face.

Pandora's breasts were uncomfortable with the need to feed her son; and she took him from Roxi and soon had him suckling; he worked his mouth greedily as if in a hurry to grow.  Pandora laid her head back and her mind rushed to her husband and the mission... there was no sense pretending she wasn't anxious; and again Ob whispered in her head... letting her know all was in place and going according to plan.

Her anxiety wasn't for Ob; he could handle himself... but Star and Tori were both in extreme danger in the Drow's kingdom... and if something went wrong... the goddess could not prevent the chaos and bloodshed that would follow; for she knew none of them would give up till all came home.

Roxi interrupted  her musing as she brought her a cup of herbal tea, Patti waved from the counter, knowing it would relax her a little \; and it would do the babe no harm... she sipped the elixir sweetened with honey gratefully... trying to draw her mind from the mission to thoughts of her son, and the challenges ahead.

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