Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting quietly until Alise sees her, Raina smiles at the sight of all the kids coming down the stairs and lining up. The girls were holding their dolls close and Tomas was listening intently to something Stoney was telling him. Star was saying goodbye to Mera and Ruark, not wanting them to see her after her dye job. She had tears in her eyes and it was evident how much she would miss her little ones. Raina sighs, She shouldnt be doing this. There is no earthly reason for her to go, we could easily substitute someone else. Why does she think she has to do this? Does it have something to do with the prophecy?

Alise turns, “Raina, ma souer... “ She wraps her arms around Raina. “Please be careful. I wont stop worrying until I see you all again. Why cant people just leave us alone?”

Raina returns the hug warmly. “I dont know. But we'll rescue Tori and be back before you know it. Here...” Raina holds her arm up to Alise's. “Take Snake with you...” The little green asp unwraps herself from Rainas upper arm and goes to Alise. She settles herself after rubbing her head against the soft skin of Alises. Alise smiles, having a fondness for the little snake and how it saved her by holding her head out of the water when she escaped from the abandoned farm place of Jean-Marcs.

“Panther will meet you at the Manse. Try to keep her out of the fountains...”

Alise laughs, “I doubt if I will be able to keep my children out of the fountains. Wont you need her with you?”

Shaking her head Raina explains, “Inari was worried that the Drow would try to make trophies of them which would distract us. It would me anyway, maybe not my brothers so much. Their creatures are better behaved... mine... well... they seem to have a mind of their own. Only Dragon will stay put unless I die.. “

Alise gasps, “Do not say such a thing, or even think it...”

Raina smiles, “But if that happens, Dragon will burn those bastards out. What a mess that would be for Inari and the other Realms. So much for any treaty, unspoken or otherwise.”

“And Stars animals? What about them? I could bring the menagerie to the Manse...”

Raina shakes her head, “I think Wish and Pike will be taking care of things at the cabin and keeping Lobo with them so she doesnt follow Star.”

Alise nods and hugs Raina again. She looks up as Tannr approaches hesitantly. “Can I ask you something Alise?”

Alises heart goes out to Tannr. He looked sick with worry. “Of course you can. What is it?”

“I was wondering... when you were... held captive... What helped you through it? Is there anything I can do for Tori? I mean besides what we are doing... I mean...”

Alise takes his hand, surprising him into silence. “You dont have to explain. I can tell you what helped me. Stoney told me everyday that he loved me, that he wasnt giving up until I was freed. And he sang to me. When I was drugged and his words sometimes didnt make sense to me, then he would sing. I always understood that and knew it was him.”

Tannr nods and grins, “I'm afraid my singing would have her begging me to leave her there...”

“Oh no, it wouldnt. Just hum to her then, maybe that song the two of you danced to, the one that Stoney and I sang... Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight, Just a touch of the fire burning so bright... Whatever gives her hope Tannr, dont let her lose hope.” Alise glances to Stoney. “I think we are ready. I will see you all again soon.”

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