Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ike stumbles as the link with Tori breaks. She had caught Keon at the backdoor as he was leaving. The Dark Lord reaches out a steadying hand, dark eyes scanning her face.

"Is there something wrong Ike?"

She shakes her head, telling him to not forget to ask the Murdhuarcha about caps for the airbreathers, just in case. He slips out the back door, calling his steed. She watches him mount and disappear into the shadows with the other Riders.

"Safe trails among the Shadowed Ways." she murmurs.

Heading back to the Tavern room, she scans the tables. Her eyes find Tannr as he talks to Erik and a petite Drow woman. It takes her a few moments to recognize Star. She stops them as they prepare to leave.

"Amazing... Star, you look..."

Twillon stops near them and stares. Weebit hovers on Tork. "She looks like a Drow Halfling. They will not look even once at her if they think she is Ghaunt's chosen."

He sees Erik's stiffening. "Trust me Erik Thorrson. She will be much safer than you will be."

As the Fae couple takes their leave, Ike turns to Tannr. Her lips are pressed together, her face solemn.

"Can I speak to you a moment?"

Tannr glances at his brother and sister-in-law. They smile and move away to talk to Stoney as Ob gathers his daughter close and hugs her before they go to kiss mama'cita.

"Of course, what is wrong."

Ike gives him a half smile. "Nothing... Do you understand Gaelic languages?"

Tannr laughs. "Um, no. Why?"

"Then you didn't understand what Tori said?"

When he said no, but he planned to ask Tori, Ike shook her head. "I don't know what she plans to do, but there was something in her words that I didn't like."

Tannr's eyes narrow. "What are you talking about Ike?"

She sighs, pursing her lips. "Okay... What she said was, if this is the last thing I can say, let it be that I love you too.

From the highest peak of the Munros to the depths of the Mariana Trench, I love you."

Tannr looks at her, his expression slightly stunned. "She means it Tannr. The Munros are the highest mountains in Scotland. It is somewhere Tori feels at home. There is a cave in the snowy peaks that she made into a safe haven. And the Mariana Trench... well, no one is sure what lurks in those depths. But that isn't what concerns me."

"She loves me...?" The words are soft, almost surprised. Tannr's gaze sharpens as he looks at Ike. "You've given me Valhalla, so now tell me what words have brought you visions of Hel."

Ike stares at him, admiring his quick switch from besotted male to all warrior. "Her first words. She is expecting them to do something to her. Something to take the fight out of her."

Tannr nods slowly. "Understood, I'll pass the message on to the others."

Ike nods and watches Tannr slip out the door with Erik and a hooded Star.Her gaze finds her brothers, watching them sadly. Ob kisses Pandora deeply as Stoney talks with Laila and Alise. When Ob rises, she sends both her brothers Tori's words.

Don't worry little sister... We won't leave a mated pair in Drow hands.

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