Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pandora made her way slowly down the staircase... Chloe walked beside her carrying her doll; Pandora held a small suitcase. She found Alise and asked... "I know this is last minute; but I felt under the circumstances Chloe might be better off with her cousins; more to distract her since it will be a couple of days before I can chase her down like I used to.Ob thought it might help me to rest better... do you think Laila will mind the extra child to watch? Alise chuckled and said, "Pandora, you know around us its the more the merrier; and the Manse will be quite a playground again for them. Rest and get to know your son, Chloe will be fine."

Kaltero was sleeping soundly upstairs in his bassinet, so Pandora sat on her couch and watched the activities as everyone prepared to leave... she felt a longing to be beside Ob; but knew she could not forsake her son, and someone must be here to watch and prepare if they needed additional help. Monty stopped and gave her a hug... "Its okay,some of us are needed on the home front, Jeb is chomping at the bit too, but knows he must guard you and the others here at the tavern."

"Roxi will be here to help you if you need some rest, Jeb wanted her where he could see her; and Traeger agreed."

Pandora nodded, knowing they were right...but she was anxious just the same; even with Ob's tender whispers in her head saying all would go as planned and Tori would be home before she knew it.

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