Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inari wakes to the sounds of rustling near the altar. She slowly opens her eyes and watches as several priests enter the altar area. Some are carrying large baskets and one steps to the altar itself. He is carrying something wrapped in a clean white cloth. The white stands out sharply against the other colors in Underdark, or rather the lack of any color, making the white cloth seem all the more ominous.

The priest carefully unwraps his bundle, laying out several small knives. Then with an evil grin on his face, he pulls out the sacrificial knife and holds it high. The wicked blade gleams in the light cast by nearby candles another has lit. The blade is jagged, reminding Inari of a sharks mouth, rows of taller spikes and smaller in between. Ending in a vicious point. The handle was large, ebony and the priest who welded it seemed more than comfortable holding it.

Inari whispers to Imp, barely moving her mouth, “Can you get closer and see?”

With an almost imperceptible nod Imp leaves the safety of hiding with Inari and flies above the rock altar.

Inari slips from the cover of the rocks and moves to Ky who is pulling apples out of leather bag strapped to her belt. “They're a bit bruised, but better than nothing. And I dont think I would eat anything from this place...”

Inari smiles her thanks and accepts the fruit, the golden yellow reminding her of the sun.

Gareth sees the exchange and grins. “I can do better than that....” He holds out his hands, palms up and suddenly he has six eggs in his hands.

“Well, that was brilliant. How are we suppose to cook them?” Ky asks.

“Hard boiled.” Gareth smiles as he cracks one. “I would have made us breakfast but we cant chance them...” He nods towards the altar, “smelling anything and coming to look.”

A hunk of hard cheese completes the meal. The group eats quickly, always watching the altar and the priests who are coming and going. Inari saves some fruit for Imp who lands on her shoulder. His report isnt encouraging. There are more guards than they thought and several of the priests are armed.

Ky shrugs. “We knew we were outnumbered going in. It will be fine, more to kill this way...”

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