Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ky watches as Tannr frees Tori and sees Keon with his sword, making sure the pair leaves the altar with no Drow following. Gareth almost slides out of the tree, seeing the look on Ky's face as her attention turns to Ardara.

As he approaches, Ky's eyes narrow and Gareth tries to grab her arm. “Ky...lets go. This place is going to be crawling with Drow any second...”

Ky pulls her arm away and stomps towards Ardara, yelling at her as she goes. “You stupid fucking cow. I am the one that dragged Morgan, and I should have dragged her ugly skanky ass a lot further than I did. And I should have killed her for hitting my horse. The gargoyles had nothing to do with that...” Ky raises her sword and swings, but hits some kind of force field instead of her intended target.

Ardaras smile infuriates Ky even further and she slams her fist on the force field accenting her words. "I..am...going ...to ...seriously.....fuck ...you....up...."

Gareth pulls her away, “Later Ky...we'll get the bitch later....Come on....”

Intending to leave, Ky stops suddenly, making Gareth turn in exasperation with her. “Damn it Ky....” But seeing the evil smile on her face stops any further words.

Ky has seen the priests head, sightless eyes staring above, a trail of blood leading back to the stone altar that held Tori. In one smooth motion Ky scoops up the head and tosses it. The head lands with a splat sound on one of the sharp hooks that adorn the lanterns.

Ky's glance goes from the priests head to Ardara and she smiles again. “Till we meet again....”

The pair join Keon at the other end of the altar and begin the retreat out of Underdark.

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