Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lailas eyes are wide and she holds the tears back as Ramji takes her in his arms. He whispers words of love to her, unusual for him, so she realizes how serious this mission is.

He tips her chin up, “Do not leave the grounds of the manse, not for any reason. If there is anything you need the sorcerer would have a way of getting it to you...”

A lone tear slips down Lailas cheek and Ramji traces its trail with his thumb. “Mela... help Alise with the little ones, call your sister... we will return before you know it..”

Laila takes a deep breath and swallows her tears, determined not to cry. “I will. I'll keep busy and stay on the grounds. Just come back to me...”

His face is somber as he holds her tight. His words soft, knowing only a few of the more sharp eared would hear him. "I will not be where the danger is worst. My own concern is for those who will set foot in the Lands of the Drow.”

Ramji slides a hand along Laila's side. "I will be back, Mela." His lips quirk into the barest smile. "If I don't, you have my permission to kill me."

Laila starts to grin and the couple is interrupted by Dmitri. He slaps Ramji on the back, “Time to meet with the others...”

Nodding, Ramji pulls Laila close then kisses her gently. He looks into her eyes and whispers, “My heart...”

Laila swallows hard as Ramji turns and heads toward the Riders. She joins the children and Alise who is telling them they will soon be off on another adventure to the Sorcerers manse. Laila scoops up Gracie and her doll, the little girl wide eyed and trying unsuccessfully to say 'sorcerer'. Laila laughs and kisses the soft curls, her eyes never straying long from the table where the Riders are checking their equipment. Keon stands and talks to his lieutenants. Each man nods in turn and gathers his own team. The swirl of cloaks draws an image of days gone by of Knights preparing for battle.

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