Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ky grins as Drai approaches silently from the cover of the trees. She is sitting on her haunches, directly behind two Drow guards, completely out of sight but not earshot.

The siblings listen as the Drow discuss an upcoming ceremony and celebration.

“All I know is there is there are extra supplies ordered... meat and wine... We're supposed to watch for the wagons and let them pass...”

“I wonder who is chosen this time.... must be someone important with all these preparations.”

“I dont give a Beeshums ass who it is, as long as we get an extra ration of wine and a day off....”

The dialogue fades as the guards wander to the other side of the exit. Drai motions for Ky to follow him. It is some minutes before he feels they are far enough away to break the silence.

“Seems Ghaunt was telling the truth. About the entrance... Did he say anything about the ceremony?”

Ky shakes her head, “Not that I heard. Why?”

“You do know its a sacrifice? The Drow seem to do this once a year or so. I dont know why... seems a stupid way to ask for favor from your Gods... or whatever Lolth is...”

Ky's eyes go wide as her brothers words sink in. Tannr had a way of getting on her nerves but she could imagine how she would feel in his place. It would be unbearable...

“Come on. We better hurry back to Tavern”

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