Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The others are through. Keon can feel himself tiring, strength draining from the myriad cuts he has taken. His magic is stretching thin as well. Each mystic shield, each defense/offense casting, grows weaker and weaker. Eite stays by his side, plucking arrows from where they land and ducking behind his shields as if she had always done it. Her basket overflows with feathered shafts.

He has long run out of throwing blades. Somewhere along the line Eite had scavenged a bow from an archer Gareth had brought down. He begins to shoot, displaying the uncanny accuracy of Fae Archery. Over the twang of an arrows release, Keon hears a slither and a gasp. He turns to find a man on his knees before Eite, sword still raised high.

Shock registers on the Dark Drow's face, dark eyes going dim as life rushes from his body. The sword drops, falling from his hand as he reaches out to touch Eite's cheek. Tears run down her cheek as she kisses his palm.

"My water witch..." His words are soft, nearly breathless. "Take my sword. Get your Outlander... beyond the Border." His  gaze goes to Keon. "Protect her. They will come for her. Men who look like us. Dark hair. Dark skin."

He falls, body folding into a boneless heap. Eite goes to her knees, kissing him gently as Keon watches for the next attack. When she rises, her face is tear stained and grim, her hands bloody. A slim dagger is gripped tight in her trembling hand. A necklace of pearl and shell in her other.

Her basket bristles with new feathers and a brace of daggers is tucked under her arm. Sparing a glance at the dead man, Keon is startled into taking another look. His appearence is enough like the Dark Lord to be of the House of Night. Eite spins and throws her dagger, blade thudding into something unseen that screams. Grabbing the basket, she tugs at Keon's arm.

"The Border is just beyond those trees. We need to move Master Keon, or we will be meat for Lolth's faithful."

Without another word, Keon sweeps her up in his arms and runs. They stumble through the trees, jumping over the bodies littered just beyond Underdark. He skids to a stop, glancing at the raised weapons of his friends. Slowly lowering Eite to the ground, Keon grins at Erik.

"So Bloodbrother, ye started partying without me..."

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