Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Star rushes into Ghaunts room, finds it empty and hurries to the stables. She is out of breath after her headlong dash from the cells.

She bursts inside to find Ghaunt with Tannr, who is pacing, knowing something has changed with Tori.

He goes to Star, “What is it? Whats happened?”

She gasps and struggles to control her breathing so she can speak. “They have moved Tori from the cell. In more chains...” Star sobs, the image burned in her mind. 'They said something about getting her ready for the sacrifice.. I dont know where they took her, I came right here...”

Ghaunt looks to Tannr, then Star. “Can you harness the horse to the wagon?”

Star nods.

“Good. Then be ready to go. We may need to hide Tori in the wagon...”

“But... bbut Ghaunt...the children... there are so many here that dont belong here...” Star struggles not to burst into tears at the thought of leaving them here.

Ghant and Tannr exchange a look and it is Ghaunt who goes to Star and kneels in front of her. He tenderly tips her chin and looks into her eyes, filled with sadness.

“My Lady, my friend, you know there is no time to spare if we are to save Tori? The second I have her in the wagon, we need to leave. And you need to be here...”

Star nods, tears slowly slipping down her cheeks.

“I will tell you this... during the darkest part of the moon, sometimes the guards take the halflings out. To that clearing where the gargoyle womans family waits. Some of them need fresh air from time to time or they wither and die. Demifae could be watching... the guards would not bother to go look if any wandered away.....”

As Star realized what he was telling her, her tears dried and her eyes started to sparkle again. She realized that she couldnt help the children now, but maybe would have a chance in the future.

“Ttt.. thank you..”

Ghaunt nods and stands. “Be ready. We will have to move fast when we return.”

As Ghaunt and Tannr leave the stables and skirt around the temple on their way to the altar Tannr says, “You do realize she will try to bring them all to her place? My poor brother..”

Ghaunt replies, “I had to tell her or she would sneak off while we are gone and fill the wagon with children... it is her nature... as it is, we cant be sure she wont try to hide one or two....” Ghaunt leads Tannr close to the altar, there are stone rings all around the perimeter forming a sort of outdoor hallway. It is behind one of these large rocks that Ghaunt stops.

“We can watch from here.”

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