Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pandora awakens to find Obsidian gone to stone beside the bed... loath to leave his family any sooner than he has to. He had come upstairs after the meetings to brief her on their plans; and Pandora filled him in on some of her observations about their new son.

Ob didn't seem as surprised as she thought he would be, but accepting of his son's abilities to connect already with the gars,and told her that the daemon bloodline was wrought with strong survival skills... and they should not be surprised if he had a strong growth spurt during these first few months; that he would strive to become independent of his mother's milk and self-sufficient to some extent in eating foods and learning to do for himself. Once he reached a certain point, his metabolism would slow to one more like  the other children and there would not be so marked a difference between him and the others.

"You mean my son is not going to need me?"..Pandora was a little upset at the thought her son would outgrow his need for her so soon. "Bruha, he may not need to suckle at your breast; but he will have strong ties to you, ties that will never be broken... I know." Pandora looked into Ob's eyes and read his grief... he was thinking of his mother.

They talked for awhile; Chloe wakening to cuddle in her daddy's arms and touch her little brother as he fed at Pandora's breast. Finally Chloe fell asleep again and Ob tucked her beneath the covers and kissed Pandora goodnight... a kiss with passion, love... and the promise of much to come. He sat next to the bed watching his family as Pandora drifted to sleep with her children beside her... her hand resting on Ob's arm...

The morning sun shone its face in the upstairs room; Chloe lay sleeping with her head near that of her brother, bonding already in a way Pandora wondered at; although she knew from the Gars strong connections that this was the way of survival in the world of others.

Kaltero was whimpering; and Pandora turned her attention to changing him; Chloe awake and watching with a keen eye... for this was something she thought she could help mama with, although she wrinkled her nose at the small mass residing in the bottom of the diaper. Pandora laughed and said.."Chloe, you can help mama in many ways... but maybe I should keep this job. You could help by finding brother a clean gown in the nursery drawer." Chloe skipped off... and she soon heard the voices of the other children... excitement in their tone as they thought of their new cousin.

Pandora worked with soft cloth and baby oil to give Teri his first bath of sorts; and he seemed to revel in her touch... stretching his body out and waving his arms as she stroked his body. She tried to not act surprised, but she would swear there was already a small perceivable difference in Teri's size... and remembered Ob's words. She had him in a clean diaper when his cousins trooped in with Chloe to see their sibling... wondering at the soft scales on his body as Pandora put his clean gown on. Pandora let them talk with Teri for a few minutes as they all gathered round him on the bed... Tomas was full of bold boy talk; while the girls just fussed over him being small and helpless. Alise and Laila popped in and took turns introducing themselves to the babe; and then declared that breakfast was waiting downstairs.

Pandora insisted that she wanted to go down; despite the women insisting she should stay in bed... and soon she had a robe over her gown and was slowly taking the stairs one at a time as Alise hovered over her, and Laila went ahead with the children; carrying Teri. She knew the others would be returning to the Manse for protection during the time the raid was made to rescue Tori; and she'd have time enough to rest then.

As they made their way to the family table she passed a tired Jack; nodding to him as he finished another cup of coffee and a donut from a plate that looked to have been full at one time. She smiled in appreciation for his efforts, and he understood as he nodded back. Pandora sank gratefully into a padded chair Monty had brought to the table; and soon a  breakfast feast was before them,although the children seemed more enthralled with fruit loops than the moist scrambled eggs and bacon,and the homemade bread toasted and glistening with butter.

Kaltero lay in his bassinette and watched the proceedings; more attentive than Pandora expected him to be... but finally when the talking quieted to a droning in the background as they ate he finally dropped off to sleep. Monty stood watching him for some time before leaning over Pandora to say... "He's going to be a different one, Pandy... already his mind is working hard; he is taking in everything, and I can practically hear him learning from his observations..Think I'll take a special interest in this little master, he'll need lots of distractions to occupy him."

Pandora smiled at him and said... 'I know you have special powers,Monty; if you think you can benefit my son I am more than willing to let you teach him."

Breakfast over; the women talked for awhile... all of them anxious about the coming battle with the Drow, knowing the plan was complex and had so many variables.

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