Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The center of activity seems to be just up ahead. Eite leads Keon along a lesser used walkway. A small figure in a grey robe darts onto the stones and tears past, long pale hair streaming behind. An acrid scent lingers for a moment and is gone.

Eite glances around, then motions furitively. Keon follows her into the darker shadows off the path. Her voice is soft, words nearly whispered. "I don't know who, or what, that actually was, but to run like that... It doesn't bode well."

Keon says nothing. His gaze stares after Star's petite form. Sometimes it was a bitch, not having the mental link of the Gars. Something happened, and Eite was right, it doesn't bode well.

"The altar is just up ahead. There are several shadowed areas that Deathweilders would favor. I will take you as close as I can."

Keon nods once. He rests a hand on Eite's shoulder and the halfling peers into his face. "When we leave here, what will you do? You can come with us."

Eite smiles, hiding it quickly. "I will think on it." Her eyes search his face, seeing nothing but the impassive expression of an Assassin. Her voice rises as she hears the tread of feet. "Let us get closer, My Lord. Lolth may favor your next endeavor if you are close enough to be touched by the sacrifice's blood."

The footsteps are nearly even with them when she steps back on the stone walk, Keon a step behind.  The Drow stop, hastening to give room. Keon rakes his eyes over the small group of males. The stand tall, but wait for Keon to move away before continuing onward. The further along they go, the more busy the paths become. Eite finds a spot in dark shadow that is still unoccupied. Koen composes himself for a long wait.

Movement on the other side of the altar draws his attention. A priest is laying out blades. Keon touches his side, conscious of his missing sword. Eite watches and taps her wrist. With a tap of his finger on his own wrist, a slim blade slides into Keon's hand. Movement at the end of the shade has the blade flicked into a thrower's grip. The intruding Drow backs slowly away and slips back into the crowd. Keon says nothing, but hides the blade in his hand, just in case.

There is a stirring in the crowd and Eite leans close. "It won't be long now..."

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