Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The appearence of Tannr and his flashing axe brings Drow guards running. Two slim blades take out the guards nearest the Viking. Another leaves Keon's hand in a deadly arc. As it nears Ardara, another Priest steps forward and it becomes embedded in the man's neck. The priest drops to his knees and then falls. Adara's eyes flicker in his direction, but she ignores the dead man.

Keon slips another blade into his hand. Eite warns him to be careful. The tips are poisoned. The Dark Lord smiles, eyes flashing merrily. His words are soft, only for her ears. "No worries. I like poison." With those cryptic words, Ke strides into the fray. Scooping up a sword from a dead guard's grip, Keon begins cutting his way through those fighting to get to Tannr. Adara turns her head, staring at him. A small frown creases her brow, but she points at Tannr. Keon nods once and continues to clear a path. Eite follows behind him, picking up blades and handing them to Keon to throw. Puzzled, Keon works his way closer, finding people moving out of his way to avoid being killed.

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