Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There is the scrape of a chair and suddenly Wish is standing on it. She leans close to Ghaunt and stares at the Drow, not quite looking at him. She turns her head to look at Star, then back at Ghaunt. She nods slowly and leans close to the Drow again.

"Ye are starting to shine, Darkling. Better think ill-willed thoughts or the Priestess will notice."

She hops down and glides to Star's side. "What ye plan to do, where ye plan to go... I can nae help ye there. Pike and I both would be noted for what we are."

She gazes at the assembled Taverners. Pike meets her gaze and a slow smile spreads across his face. "A mated pair is best I think. Ones who are nae afraid to show affection. Daywalkers... They will need be daywalkers..."

Pike picks up when Wish's voice drifts off. "If Lady Star goes with Ghaunt, someone needs must pretend for the unseen watchers. Wish will glamour the pair. Unless close, nae will know it be not Lady and Lord. The bairns twill be easy to duplicate. Golems can be magicked in their places."

He bows to Erik and Star. "By yer leave, Lord Erik, Lady Star. We need Doppelgangers to at least pass by windows to befuddle any who would watch."

Wish stares at Erik, then Star, eyes intense, nearly glowing. "And when ye step to this side, hae ye need of us, merely WISH and we are there." She grins, a slow malicious baring of teeth. "Weapons and magick at yer command."

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