Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As Raina fights her mind starts to wander. She has to force herself to concentrate on the task at hand, something she has never had trouble with in the past.

A Drow goes down and another takes his place.

Damn it! Will this ever end? All this conflict... first that freak of a werewolf, then those ghouls, trying to eat everyone... and now this.

She risks a glance towards her brothers, both fighting like fiends..

Father would be so proud of them... Maybe this is what we were re-united for... to protect Star and Ruark.... Tara had said things have happened just the way they are suppose to...

Suddenly Raina thinks she hears Tara, that unmistakable giggle of hers. She shakes her head to clear it, then hears..

Watch out!

“What the h...”

Raina goes down, knocked in the head by the flat of a Drow sword, a small trickle of blood winding its way down the side of her face....

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