Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eite's hands deftly smooth the flowing length of Keon's hair. Once it is tangle free, she holds open a dark robe, offering silently to help him put it on. There is a shout from the cavern opening and a tall pale haired Drow strides into the room. Keon keps his eyes on Eite, watching as she carefully adjusts the tie at his waist. There is a slight tremor to her hand and, as Eite drops to her knees at his feet, Keon finally raises his cold gaze to the man who interrupted her dressing of him. The man backs up a step as Keon stares at him, through him. The Drow pulls an arrogance over his unease.

"I am sorry. I did not know you were using her."

Keon turns his gaze on Eite and she answers, head still bowed. "I am his until he says otherwise, My Lord."

The Drow stares at the halfling. Advancing he raises a hand. "You dare..."

Keon steps between them, cocking his head to look at the Drow. The paler man pulls himself up short, just narrowly avoiding any touch. He backs slowly away.

"My apologies. I leave her to your pleasure."

When the man is gone, Eite rises to her feet. Keon brushes back her hair, looking at the bruise on her shoulder. Eite grins. "One would think you lived this life before."

Keon cocks an eyebrow, saying nothing.

"Come My Lord. It is time to get closer to the altar. They will think nothing if I lead the way." She pulls a collar and chain from a niche in the cavern wall. Fastening the chain to a link, she hands the loop to Keon.

"This way, My Lord."

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