Saturday, September 10, 2011

The blood slowly slips into Tori's veins under Rowan's hawk-eyed vigilance. Ike keeps a constant touch on Tori's mind, watching for any sign of her slipping toward her stone state. She had to keep her sister in her flesh form. If not, she wouldn't get enough blood to actually help the healing. Instead, her body would need to create it while she rests as stone, and if that happens... Ike pushes away the thought.

When they began to remove the cuffs and chains, Tori had nearly gone into hysterics. She had kept screaming "You can't have it!" over and over. The writhing and fighting had renewed her bleeding and when they finally calmed her, Ike realized she was talking about her bracelet. The silver was so encrusted in blood, she hadn't even noticed it on Tori's wrist. Ike had finally gotten it of Tori's wrist, promising she could have it back when they had triaged her wrists. Ike cleaned the snakes carefully, wrapping it around her sister's fist when they found it wouldn't fit over the bandages. tears had slid from Tori's eyes, but she refused to talk about her reaction.

As Rowan hooked Ike up to her own set of tubes, Ike distracted Tori by talking about their childhood. They talked about growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, how the hills rang with the sounds of their clan when they gathered. They regaled each other with memories as the transfusion began.

When Rowan slips from the room to help Traeger with the clay need to fill the deep gash on Tori's leg, the gargoyle sighs deeply and lets fall the tears she had been holding back. Ike reaches out, touching her sister's arm. Tori turns her face to Ike's. Her words are broken, filled with pain.

"Tannr's necklace is gone Ike. It was ripped from my neck." She chokes back a sob. "I hid the bracelet up my sleeve, but the necklace..."

Ike slides her fingers along Tori's arm. "It's only jewelry Tor. Tannr won't care, as long as he has you. He loves you." She watches her sister helplessly. Tori doesn't cry, she just doesn't. The last time Tori cried... Ike pushes that thought away as well, hoping Tori didn't catch it.

After a bit, the tears begin to slow and Tori wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. Tori's eyes begin to drift shut.

"Tor! Stay with me!" Tor looks at her eyes vague, skin paling. She hollers again, "Roisin Skye Tavisham! By use of thy true name I hold thee!" Tori's eyes widen.

There is an alertness to her gaze that had been slowly fading. "I command thee to stay awake, Roisin Skye Tavisham."

Tori stares at her sister. "You can be such a catty bitch, Gwyneth."

Ike grins at her. "I will release you when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, you won't go stone until you have enough blood, you're more focused, and Tannr is back!"

When Rowan and Traeger come back, they each carry a small bucket of what looks like mud.  Ike says a small prayer for small favors.

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