Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ike stares at her sister, taking in every pale-fleshed inch. The tawny hue of her fur takes on a definitely grey hue, blackfeathered wings nearly gunmetal in the fading light. Tori cracks open one lid, staring at her sister's feline features. Her voice is ragged, nearly nonexistent.

"You look like shit, Kittycat."

Ike bares her fangs, "Not much better Asp." She hisses at the grey fox curled on her sister's chest. "Hang on, *llwynog, and keep this pain in the asp from passing out."

The fox flexes sharp nails and opens its jaws wide in a vulpine grin. "Just don't eat her. I know how much your kind enjoys a bit of snake."

Her wings snap open, cracking the air with their force. They are in the sky before anyone can react, out of sight beyond the treetops.

Tori mind touches Tannr's, brushing a kiss along the curve of his ear. When the Viking touches his ear, Stoney smiles and turns away. If he did not feel it, Stoney knows none of the others in the link did either. A soft voice whispers in Stoney's ear. It is time she felt the strength of a true love. He glances around, then shakes his head to dispel errant thoughts.


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