Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If looks could kill...

Tori glares at the priest's back. The guards are half carrying, half dragging her along the passages. Anger burns deep, causing small flames to flicker in her eyes. She feel the touch of Tannr's mind.

I'm going to fucking kill that guard. If I could change, he would be already dead.

Red? What happened? Tannr's own anger is rising in response to what he feels from her.

He took something. It doesn't matter what. He got a black eye, but I want his life now.

Gone is the depression that edged her thoughts. Instead her usual fire has roared back into life. A stream of curses, in several languages, boils along the open link.

Good to have you back sis... Ob's laughter is echoed by a sigh of relief from the other sibs.

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