Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ike sets a bag on the table next to Laila. In it is a collection of clothes and toys for the children. Her gaze rests on the Riders as they break into teams.

"The Knights of the Round table. That's what always comes to mind when I see the Riders like this." She smiles at Laila. She lays a finger to her lips and whispers "Would that make Mortuis our Merlin?"

Laila fights a grin. Both women jump when a husky voice answers. "I don't theenk he would see heemself in the same way." Silk chuckles. "Although, I do see what you mean. Would that make Keon Lancelot to Lord Herne's King Arthur? Or would it be Guunnar to Keon's Arthur?"

Keon looks up and bows to Silk. The others turn, saluting her. One voice calls to her "Lady Leather! Do you Ride with us this night?"

"Nay, lads. Thees night that glory ees yours. Tonight I protect something eeven more precious. I protect the future."

She sweeps a bow to the Riders and turns to gather those heading for the Manse. With her back to the men, she wipes a tear from the corner of her almond shaped eyes. Only Ike and Laila hear the whispered prayer.

"Goddess protect them, keep them safe. If they fall, damn the treaties and may the Gods help the Drow when I get done with them."

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