Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Star climbs off the wagon and lifts the heavy blanket covering Tannr and Tori. She gasps at the blood, telling Tannr to call to Ike. “She needs to get to Rowan...”

Tannr nods and leaps off the wagon. He looks skyward and sees two flying shapes then leans in the wagon and gently lifts Tori out. She moans and he holds her close.

“I'm sorry....It wont be long, I can see Stoney and Ike....” Tannrs words are cut off by a 'whoosh' and a 'thunk'. Eyes wide he turns and sees a Drow laying on the ground, his neck almost severed, one of Stars shuriken buried deep and blood spraying.

His surprised gaze moves to Star. “He was going to kill you....”

“Damn you're fast. Thanks...” He looks at Tori, “Did you see that? We'll make a warrior of her yet.”

Tori looks and whispers, “Her hand... she hurt her hand...”

Blood has soaked through Stars cloak where she held it balled up in her injured hand. 'It's nothing...”

Before Tannr can ask about it, Ike has landed in front of him. Stoney lands and keeps watch, making sure no other Drow come close.

Tannr hesitates only a moment, knowing he has to let Tori go but loathe to leave her in anothers care even if it is her sister.

“Fox is going with her...” He kisses Tori as he places her in Ikes out stretched arms and tells Fox to keep Tori awake during the flight.

Tori turns her head, “Hey Coppertop... Give 'em hell...”

Smiling, Tannr replies, “You got it Red. I'll be there as soon as I can.”

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