Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bruha, mi amor... Does your father have more of the pottery he had brought back from the Isles? There is a pause and Ob feels Pandora speaking with someone. As he waits for his wife's response, Ob slides his thoughts along his children's. Chloe's fierce "hug" is followed a chatter of happy thoughts.

He catches images of ice cream in the garden and splashing in the fancy fountains. Tante Silk has bought them all water toys. Mera has learned she can stay under the water for a very long time. Chloe is as fascinated with Mera's gills and webbings, as the waterbaby is of Chloe's wings. The other children clamor for *Oncle Ob's attention, filling him in on all their escapades.

He opens a one-way path to his Sibs, hiding the adult thoughts from the children. Ob lets their stories flow through him, lightening the despair of Tori's situation. He feels hope wash through them all, feeling Tori's relief that the children are safe. While the others chatter happily, one small mind touches Ob's. It is solemn, but strong. The Gargoyle concentrates on the quiet watcher. It takes a few moments to recognize his son. He touches him gently and the thoughts grip tight, as if afraid he will slip away.

^Mi pequeño hombre, you are growing stronger by the day! Papa' will be home as soon as possible.

The child's mind swirls, casting images of Pandora's concerned face, Monty's somber eyes that light up as he leans over him, the Demifae hovering over his cradle. There are also images of Drow, but these are vague.  One in a black robe leans close, a wicked looking blade in his hand. Moments later the body is falling away headless, spraying blood. Instead of horror or fear, Ob senses extreme satisfaction at the sight. It worries him, until he picks up the satisfaction as Tannr's. What he gets from his son, is curiousity.

Teri, 'hijo mío, that man was a bad man. he was hurting your Tante Tori because he could. He wanted to make her scream and she did not want to do that. Anger rushes through the link. Your tante, she is a strong woman. Some men do not like a woman to be strong. They feel the need to make her weak. Also, she is different. Some People cannot... accept those who are different. Images of the taverners, the people he sees everyday, mama, papa', his cousins flash. Si, Teri. We are all different, but we accept that it is good to be different. We protect each other. It is a Warrior's way. That man was not protecting. he was hurting for fun. That, hijo mio, is not a good thing. 

Affection brushes along their thoughts and Ob wraps his baby boy in warm and loving waves of emotion. He feels Pandora's private touch. A small smile curves his lips. His wife had learned tight shielding very quickly. A tendril of his mind wraps around hers, and he shares his concerns.

Mujer, Teri has the quick mind of a Daemonkind. We need to encourage right over wrong even now.

The gypsy Gargoyle feels his wife's arms wrap around his waist and he sighs with contentment. She gives him an image of Pike and Wish curled on either side of Teri, telling stories of heroes from every age. He laughs.

So... the tutoring has begun...


^My little man

'my son

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