Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inari steps silently from the cover of a large rock formation. Gareth smiles in greeting and Ky turns. “That shouldnt surprise me anymore...How long have you been here?”

“Not long. Any sign the sacrifice will start soon?” Inari looks towards a large stone altar, dimly lit as everything in this place was by street lamps that gave off a sickly yellow glow.

'A few things set out, no sign of life yet. No word from Ghaunt, although I wouldnt expect any yet..” Ky wrinkles her brow and turns back to Inari. “I hate this place, its beyond evil..”

Inari nods, as her attention is caught by a something small, dark and flitting lower to the group. Ky and Gareth exchange a glance at the smallest demifae they have ever seen. He is dressed in black and hovering in front of Inari, speaking so quietly Ky can barely make out the words. A few more words spoken between the two and the demifae flits to Inaris shoulder and hanging on to her shirt fixes his large dark eyes curiously on Ky and Gareth.

“This is Imp. He acts as my personal messenger. Imp... Ky'thri and Gareth. I think we can dispense with formalities considering the circumstances...”

Imp stands on Inaris shoulder and bows.

Inari continues, “Keon is close and resting. I suggest we do the same while we can.” Inari settles herself on the ground, leaning back against a large boulder, one of many scattered around the perimeter of the altar area. Ky watches as Inari and Imp blend into the rock and all can she can see is Imps large dark eyes until he closes them.

Gareth takes Ky's hand and leads her to another outcropping of rock where they will be hidden from view. Ky leans back and with another glance at the boulder, shakes her head.

“What?” Gareth asks.

“Nothing. I just want to get the fuck out of here. This place is worse than the Unformed Plane if you ask me. Always dark, fucking spiders, snakes, fog and who knows what else. Not a plant of any kind, just a few scrubby dead bushes and all these damn rocks. Rocks!”

Gareth smiles at Ky getting herself worked up. Under any other circumstances he would be laughing at her, but she was right. This had to be the worst place in the world... any world.

“Calm down. Save it for the ones who will bring Tori out here... take it out on them...” Gareth loses his grin when he sees the feral one on Ky's face.

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