Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pandora was glad for the time to recoup with little to do except care for Teri... he seemed to grow and change each time he was asleep for several hours and awoke. She thought maybe it was her being overzealous about his daemon heritage... but Monty even remarked that he seemed to be growing before their eyes.

Roxi had stayed around to help out; Traeger was concentrating his efforts on spells and incantations of protection for the rescue effort and told her it would be good for her to just chill out with Jeb and the tavern folk till the rescue was over and things calmed down. Pandora was not too demanding of her time, so she was having a chance to talk more with Jeb... to reveal more about herself, to discover more about him; and their relationship was going forward.

Once they initially had a sexual encounter they seemed unable to keep it casual; each time they made love it seemed their mental reliance on the other deepened... the bond was beyond physical now.

The tavern still had its group of hangers-on... the street kids that thought of Tori as an older sister and friend... none could rest while she was in such danger; so Pandora had told Monty and Patti to feed them and bring out the games that rested in a cabinet near the kitchen office... chess was being pondered at one table; while a boisterous group was fighting their way to Boardwalk at another.

Some just talked quietly among themselves and tried to help around the tavern... the floors were glistening clean and all the tables neat as a pin without Monty having to touch them. This place was another home to most of them and they treated it with respect.

The geek types had their laptops open... they still had patrols watching for the ghouls; and now one of the boys was keeping up the info for Tori. The mastermind was still free; and no one was safe till he was captured; another reason to protect the tavern while the majority of the warriors were away.

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