Tuesday, April 26, 2011

K'thyri whistles for Horse, and I fly, and together we make pretty good time, pulling up outside the Lodge at pretty much the same time. The gallop has put more color in her cheeks and she fidgets a little while I get the door unlocked. Once we're in, she gives me a quick kiss and says, "Be back in a minute" - then hightails it for the lades' room.

Ah, so that's why she was fidgeting…!

She looks calmer when she comes back minutes later, and in the meantime I've hung up my duster and locked the place up again. She meets my eyes dead-on when I ask, "You're sure of this?".

She nods emphatically. "I'm sure. I've wanted this for a long time."

I give her a somewhat crooked grin. "You know you could have had me any time you wanted, Ky."

She smiles back. "That's reassuring, but it wasn't that simple. I had to be sure that it wouldn't affect what I have with Gareth, or Raina." She grins. "This is a weird arrangement we have here, and there's a lot more than just two people's feelings to be considered."

I nod, acknowledging that we do, in fact, have an arrangement many would consider weird in the extreme - but it seems to work for us, so who gives a fuck how anyone else feels?

I let my eyes rove over her abundant curves, then take a step forward - and then she holds up a hand. "Not just yet. There's something I need to say, and if you start kissing me now, I'll never say it."

I stop dead, waiting.

"This is just between you and me, Nick, not to be shared with anyone else, especially not Gareth or Raina." I nod my assent. She looks up, choosing her words with care. "Things are different in the Unformed Plane. There's not much in the way of monogamy there, and you seldom have time for much in the way of foreplay, let alone seduction. I like that about Gareth… he likes to take his time and tease me and just wring everything he can out of me before he's done. Still… there's something to be said for just being spontaneous, grabbing a lover and just taking what you want, then and there…."

Her eyes are hot and direct, locked with mine. "I like it rough sometimes - bend me over the bed, pull my hair, smack my ass and fuck me like there's no tomorrow. I'm not talking bondage or sadism here - and if you try hitting me for real, I'll put you on the ground and shove a stake straight up your ass for you. But if you can fuck me so hard that I'm still aching from it a couple of days later… mmmm, I'll be sneaking into your bed a lot….

And one other thing, Nick. I know you're a gentleman at heart, and I appreciate that… but if we're going to be lovers, you're going to have to loosen up. If you walk in on me showering, don't turn around and walk out - stay and talk to me, it's not like I'm shy… or join me, for that matter; that could be even more fun. I don't want our relationship to be formal… I want it to be fun! Think you can live with that?"

I watch as Ky lifts the lower edge of the shift - all that remains of the "traditional" garb - and begins to lift it upward. "Uhhhh… yeah, I think I can manage…." Ky grins widely and keeps going, revealing - well, everything, considering she apparently decided to go commando tonight…. "Don't just stand there gawking, dead boy - get over here and grab a handful."

Like I'm going to turn down an invitation like that….

I move tight against Ky and start kissing while my hands explore every glorious naked inch of her. She moans as our tongues play… I pinch her already-stiff nipples, tug them hard and she grinds hard against me. I lift my arms as she pushes my t-shirt over my head, drops it to the floor and plasters herself tight against me, skin to skin. "Mmmm… your skin is so cool… feels nice," she purrs. "More…."

I drop my pants, step out of them and grab her ass to pull her close again. "Oh yeah, Nick… that's more like it!" Her eyes sparkle with excitement and one hand reaches down to cradle my cock. "Mmmm… nice and hard… just the way I like it!" Without warning she goes to her knees and smiles up at me. "Fuck my mouth, lover… we have all night, and I want to taste your cum.…" I clench my fingers in her soft red curls and thrust my cock into her warm wet mouth. She takes me in without hesitation, swallowing my pulsing length until I can feel the head against the back of her throat. She sucks on my shaft, moving her mouth up and down my length, raking with her teeth, nipping now and then… and when I'm fully in her mouth again, she presses forward to take the last bit of me down her throat. Her eyes have a wicked gleam as she sucks my cock… she holds up her hands, making an "o" with her thumb and forefinger and miming fucking it with the finger of her other hand.  

Never let it be said that I can't take a hint…. I tighten my fingers in her hair and fuck that sweet wet mouth; she opens her throat and takes me in, all of me, sucking and licking… her nails teasing my balls, my cock throbbing with every thrust between her luscious lips. She's good… damn good, and I know I'm not going to last long at this rate. Partly it's her oral expertise and partly it's that I've wanted to make love with Ky for a long time. She can tell I'm close, for suddenly she thrusts forward to meet my thrusts with her own, completely unselfconscious, working like hell to make me cum… I hit a peak and my voice rips from my throat, a growl of pure animal passion as I cum and cum and cum… she keeps going, sucking and swallowing and licking until I'm utterly drained… She managed to swallow most of my juices, but some hit her lips and cheeks and chin, and the last little bit dribbled onto her tits. She gives me the most amazing smile and says, "Now, isn't the direct approach better?" I pull her up and kiss her deeply, my hands moving over her breasts, down her back, squeezing her ass, tasting myself on her lips… and I smile as I think of the next time, and the time after that, and the time after that….

Once I've caught my breath - metaphorically, anyway - I begin again, kissing her, my fingers tracing the outer edge of her ears, stroking the flaming glory of her hair. I lick and nip at her throat, her shoulders, her nipples; she moans, writhing beneath me, her legs parting unconsciously. I swirl my tongue in her navel, making my way to her bare mound, one finger easing deep inside her, and a soft moan comes from deep inside her. "Oooooh, yes, Nick, right there… oh gods, yes, just like that…" I circle my finger gently all around and over her g-spot, my mouth moving inexorably down, tasting her skin… My thumb presses against her clit as I lick and nip at her inner thigh, rotating, pressing firmly down against the hot little button… I ease my finger out of her with a final caress then seal my lips to her pussy and lick. I hold her hips tightly, keeping my tongue deep inside her, tasting her juices directly now. Her voice is a long, low continuous moan, punctuated by an occasional gasp as her legs come up to lock around my neck and shoulders. I explore her with my tongue, tasting every little nook, enjoying every nuance of scent and taste. Her hips jerk, little cries escape her lips, together with an unending stream of sometimes-intelligible encouragement. I ease my finger back inside her and the moaning hit’s a new level as I finger her pussy and eat it at the same time.

"OhfuckNickyou'regonnamakemecum, ohgodsdon'tstop!" I part her legs farther and let my tongue play at her asshole. She jerks - with surprise, I think - then the wailing begins anew. Now I move back and forth between her pussy and her ass, keeping her guessing, never staying in one place for long. "Ohbabythatssogoodmore!" Her fingers curl into my hair and she humps furiously against my mouth. I've added her clit to my repertoire now and it's evident she's not going to last much longer. I pull my finger out of her pussy and slowly ease it into her ass, never missing a beat, and she jerks and screams and drenches my face with her wetness. She cums and cums and cums as I finger-fuck her round little ass, sucking her clit ravenously… and then she just shatters around my face with an awe-inspiring scream, locking her legs around my neck with a strength that could break a man's neck - if he were human.

A few aftershocks later….

I come up to clutch her close, length to length, kissing her with a mouth wet with her own juices. She kisses back with abandon, reaching down to clutch at my throbbing cock. "I want you inside me, Nick. Now."

Well, when you put it like that…!

One final kiss - though not really; I expect there'll be lots of kissing in the months to come - and I brush Ky's hair back out of her eyes. "On your knees," I say, my voice little more than a whisper. She scrambles up onto hands and knees, looking back over one shoulder with a grin. "Is this what you had in mind?"

For answer, I take her hips in my hands and press my cock against her pussy. She shivers just for a second, then I thrust home, burying myself deep inside her. I can feel her splitting around me and a low growl is torn from her throat as she takes me to the hilt. "Oh gods, Nick, just like that, just like that! Fuck me!"

I pull out almost all the way and then ram back hard, pounding into her hard and fast, her pussy clamping tight around my cock. "Godsgodsgods yesNick, fuckmehardlover!" And I do, slamming into her without restraint, fucking her hard enough to hurt - later. She's soaking wet, so I know I can't be doing any actual damage, but she's so tight and her muscles have such a grip that it feels like I have to force my cock into her on every thrust; and that, I think, is what she's after - another kind of battle to be fought, but one with an amazing denouement for us both.

She's not shy about joining in, slamming backward to meet my thrusts with a hunger that rivals my own. Her hair is all over the place, a crimson mane that damn near shoots sparks as we fuck. I lean far over her, my chest level with her back, and nip at her throat. It ratchets things up another notch, with her pussy grinding down on my cock like she's trying to wring it out. I let my nails play down her naked back and a shiver runs down her spine. "Fuck me, Nick, GODS yes, give it to me! Gods that cock feels good, don't fucking stop, don't ever stop…!" The rest is lost in an inarticulate wail that spirals up and up and ends with a whimper.

This can't last too much longer - or rather, I can't, not at this pace. I smack her ass with the flat of a hand, just enough to sting. My fingers curl into her hair, tug her head back and my voice is thick with lust. "Cum for me, Ky, cum all over that hard thick cock!"

I'm not sure exactly what set her off or if it was a combination of things; but on the instant she starts to shake, vibrating like a tuning fork. She lets out a feral howl and cums explosively just as I blast deep inside her hot clutching pussy, pumping her full of scalding-hot cum, and that sets her off again, cumming again before the first orgasm is properly finished, her pussy clamping down, wringing the last drop of my juices from me, and the wail goes on and on and on….

Afterward, I hold her in my arms and kiss her lightly. I see her smile in the semidarkness and hear an exhausted… "It was worth the wait…!"

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