Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lunar Eclipse had been playing through dinner and the early part of the party. They kept the tunes upbeat, modern. Byte had heard what happened at the
clearing and decided not to play anything that had to do with war or survival. After all, better to raise spirits when there are children and Queens in attendance.

Taking a break, he seeks out Ike and Tori to find out what set up they needed for later. So many people, so many in costumes from the Viking era. He hides his smile at the sight of the fabled Sea Hag playing tickle with four little children. Not even the sight of her jagged teeth scare the kids. It is all
part of Gran Mer to them. If anything, it is the Queens of Fae who seem a
little put out at how the children ignored them for her.

Chloe crawls into Ob's lap and presses her forehead to his. Keon leans close when Ob leans his way, and the Dark Lord is laughing as he picks Chloe off her daddy's lap. Guunnar joins him, scooping up Mera and Tara. Tomas holds his hand out to Mer Cronigh until the Hag takes it and rises, chuckling as Teon explains.They stop by Erik and Star, Keon leaning close to whisper something to the proud parents. Moments later they are wending their way through the crowd, Tomas and Mer Cronigh leading.

When the group stops before the Queens, Fea whispers to Tomas. He takes Star's hand and tugs until she and Erik walk forward with Ruarc. He looks at Keon, then his Gran Mer. At their nods, he bows, then falls back to where his cousins wait with Guunnar. Keon steps forward and bows. Inari's eyes sparkle as she hides a smile.

"Your Majesties, and Courts of Shadows and Light, May I present to You, Ruarc, son of Erik, son Of Star. The Child of Two Worlds.  May I also present the next generation of Warrior Born. Tomas and Tara, Children of Stone and Spirit," The twins walk forward hand in hand, stopping beside Star. "Chloe, Child of Stone, Smoke, and Magick," Chloe nearly dances to Erik's side.

"And Mera, Child of Waters and Deep Night." Mera toddles up between her father and Chloe. Absynthe circles the group, then lands on Chloe's shoulders, wings fanned to keep her from overbalancing her little mistress.

Mer Cronigh steps close behind the girls, Guunnar stepping behind the twins. Titania smiles at the group, nodding regally. Mab raises a brow and purses her lips. Chloe watches her carefully then looks up at Keon.

"Un' Ke, say?"

He nods to the little girl. Bowing to her, he turns to the Queens. His face is bland, schooled to no expression.

"Your Royal Majesties, my young Neice has a request to ask of the Courts. When she is old enough, she would like to try to master some of the Fae Magicks. One spell in particular has her interest. My Queen of Darkness and Shadows, Chloe was impressed with the casting in the Clearing. She understands such knowledge will be many years in the coming. She has already discussed this with her father and he is amenable, as long as it waits until she has learned control, and shown a talent for Magicks."

Chloe raises her chin and Keon continues. "My Niece has already learned Magick is like the Sword, it must be honed and practiced before one can advance to such spells."

Mab's smile is slow, thoughtful. "We will consider the request. If the daughter shows the same character as the Stone Dragon has shown, We of the Dark Crown shall be honored to arrange for her instruction." She fixes the little girl with a steady gaze. "I foresee much in these Human Realm children."

Titania smiles as a demifae lands on Tara's shoulder. It whispers in the little girl's ear, then flits away. The child raises lavender eyes to her own, then past her to Inari. Titania smiles and replies to Mab's comment. "As do I, Cousin. As do I."

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