Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stoney pulls the band from his ponytail and shakes his hair free. He kisses Alise, and heads for the stage. Tomas runs to him, wanting to be lifted up. The gargoyle stops, lifts his son high, tossing him in the sir. The little boy giggles. Please papa? Stoney grins, hiding his thoughts. Perhaps Tomi. I will speak to your aunts and uncles. Kissing his son, Stoney sends him back to play with his kith as he mounts the stage.

Alise feels the tight shield as Stoney converses with his sibs. She catches the laughter as instruments are tuned. Chiot? What are you up to? He says nothing, just caresses her gently. She looks at Pandora, who shakes her head. Both women sigh, knowing they will find out when everyone else does.

Ob slips onto his stool, twirling his sticks. More of his hair has slipped its braid, giving him more of a barbarian look than usual. Tori shrugs her strap into place, and grins at Ike. The youngest sister leans close to the mike. Her silken voice drifts out, quieting conversations.

"Good evening Members of the Court, friends and of course family. Instead of our normal opening, there has been a... request for the first song of the night. And yes... it is child friendly. Nick? Where are you?" She scans the crowded room, spying the vampyre. "Please stand?"

There is a commotion around him as his lovers tease him into standing. The blankness of his face is enough that his friends know he is not comfortable with the attention.

"As you can all see by the symbol emblazoned on his armor, Nick is our very own "Bat Man". Jack, I commend you. I know it has been very hard to not hassle him about it." The grave digger raises his bottle with a smile. "But this song is NOT requested by Jack. Instead this comes from a fan."

The campy music has people rocking in time. Tomas runs up to Nick and points at his chest  "BATMAN!"

Nick grins. The smile is fierce and Tomas wraps his arms around the vampyre's leg. He grins up at Nick.  Alise disentangles her son before Nick can decide to laugh it off, or eat the little boy. She meets Raina and K'thyri's eyes, noting their own stifled laughter. She mutters "*Je suis désolé, Nicholas. I will make them pay for this later."

She carries Tomas back to Mer Cronigh, shoulder's shaking in silent laughter. Nick sits heavily and leans across the table to speak quietly to his lovers.

"This damn armor comes off... NOW."

* I am sorry Nicholas.

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