Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tugging at his tunic, Keon adjusted its lay along his trews. The soft kelley green made the deep coal tones of his skin nearly glisten. Mera rode on his hip resting her head against his shoulder. She touched the waves ib the embroidery, then the blue in his hair. Looking up she gave him a big smile.

"Da pretty. Mer-ra pretty baby."

Guunnar laughed aloud. "Ja Mera. Du hast a pretty Dada, und his little moon ist a pretty baby." The big viking tickles her with his moustache. Mera giggles reaching for the man.

"Unca Guun... Fuzzy! Tickles!"

Guunnar swings her into the air, tossing the little girl high, catching her as she drops down. Her peals of laughter bring a smile to Keon's oft times too somber face.The dark Sidhe pulls back the top layer of his hair, catching it with a silver hair clip. Guunnar grunts in approval.

"Ist gut, Ke. If ears were nicht pointed, und color vas.... sunshine nicht midnacht... du vouldst  be Viking!"

Keon raises a brow. "Old Friend... I think it would take a wee bit more than coloring and eartips. I wear Viking gear to honor my sworn brother and family on their day of pride."

He ties a sash around his waist and follows Guunnar and Mera from the room. There is a commotion downstairs. Several demifae zip past heading for Ob and Pandora's rooms. One stops just long enough, to tell them Tori has arrived, before tearing off after the others. The two men shrug and head downstairs.

Tori stands in the middle of the dance area arms stretched out at shoulder level. Ike circles her, making final adjustments to Tori's outfit. Mer Cronigh is laying Norse and Saxon jewelery on a table. Picking up a belt made of bronze plates. She smiles and lays it aside, rubbing at a spot. The Sea Hag smiles as she spies the two men.

"Ach, here ye are Dealg Drubh. A fine bit of Saxon ye make. Guunnar, Norseman, come tell me what bit of sea treasure would be proper for the yer Little Sister and her men." She raises a gnarled hand, the palm filled with a gem set broach. Guunnar's eyes widen, recognizing the glyphs around the stone.

"How came du mit dat? It ist mein family crest."

She lays it in his hand, watching his face carefully. "Spoils of the seas, Laddie. Tis a long time since ye went a'raidin'. Thought ye might be likin this back. There's more on the table. Tis yers by right."

Stunned, Guunnar hands Mera to Keon and moves to the stash. He slowly starts to sort pieces, tears gathering as he recognizes piece after piece, some still showing signs of scorching from funeral fires. Picking up the belt, he stares at it for a moment, then bundles everything back into a pile and disappears upstairs.

"Fea, a gifting to Guunnar?"

The Hag watches until Guunnar is gone from sight. "Aye... Something was tellin me he will be needing them." Her eyes sparkle at Keon. "So, the Queens are coming to the Naming. " When Keon nods, she smiles, sharp teeth showing. "Tis here I will be staying then until ye all return. I'll be gifting the family with a bit of Me own treasures."

Reaching up, Fea takes mera from Keon's arms. The little girls touches the wrinkles on the Hag's face, eyes large as the old Fae chuckles. "Yer gran is happy to see ye growin so big and merry. Ma Star is good about yer swimmin I see. Yer gills are healthy. Aren't ye a bonny one..." She kisses Mera on the cheek, blowing against her skin to make the little one laugh. With a doting smile Fea hands Mera back to father.
"Bring her to see me soon, Keon. Tis a dip in the waters of Faery she should have."

With that, the Sea Hag makes her way to the bar, and the cup of salt water waiting for her.

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