Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pandora sits with Obsidian and squeezes his hand as they watch the children with the queens; and she is overwhelmed with emotion when she hears her daughter's request... she was astonished! Chloe always seemed so intent on her wings and flying that Pandora didn't realize she was really aware she could develop her mother's wytch's charms as well. Ob slips an arm around her shoulder and hugs her close as they watch the children act with such poise before the queens.

Pandora knew all the children possessed knowledge and skills far beyond others their age... but Chloe's request showed her their reasoning skills were far advanced as well, and felt she should talk with Alise and Star about starting some rudimentary schooling for the children.

She scans the room,looking for Mortuis and Silk... she figured they would make an appearance... and she was hoping to fill Silk in on her need to talk about her dreams.

Returning her mind to the present, she watches the queens; and hears their comments about the children... and she is proud of them all.

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