Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tori fidgets. Ike was driving her crazy with this outfit. Trepidation kept her still, letting Ike do a few final fixings. This was her element. Her younger sister loved clothes. Tori didn't. She had to admit though, this wasn't half bad for a dress.

The chemise was soft, loose enough to move, yet not so loose she felt naked. The pale green was a soft, nearly white color. The tabard apron was a dark color washed into the greens of summer grasses. As Ike adjusts the apron ties, Tori runs a finger over the embroidery along the top of the apron. She smiles at the feel of small flames done in gold and red threads. Ike sits back on her heels.


Tori glances at her. "Well what?"

Ike sighs. "About the headband? Will you wear it?"

Tori sighs again. "Fine. As  long as I can put my necklace back on."

Ike makes a face. "It is lovely, but it isn't.."

Tori cuts her off. "Put the damn tie around my head. Then give me back my necklace. I don't care if it isn't period. Tannr gave it and I am going to wear it."

Ike hides a smile as she positions the embroidery across Tori's forehead, making sure the extra length lies just right. A soft sigh escapes her sister, echoing release of tension in her shoulders, as the small snake nestles in its accustomed place. Ike schools her features, stepping away.

"You should wear dresses more often." Ike grins at the sour look that crosses Tori's face.

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