Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pandora had ceased trying to talk with Silk as the band broke into their first song... the magick and sensual tension seemed to weave about the room... and she could not concentrate on anything but the feelings Ob was raising in her from the stage.

Silk, being a creature that fed off such feelings... was still; and drawing in what she could without harming others.

Finally they broke, then slipped into something for the crowd to dance to... and Pandora turned her attentions back to Silk.

"Silk, as you know Ob and I are trying for another child... and I am sure it will happen soon... I feel that too." She looked into Silk's eyes." I am having dreams; they are always variations of the same thing... and that is why I needed to talk with you in confidence." She looked away and then back to Silk again; the hint of moisture in her eyes.

"I fear our child is going to be a son, Silk... but not like Chloe...I fear he is going to have Ob's deamon blood; for all my dreams involve a beautiful boy babe... but there is a cruelty to him; a glint in his eyes when he does something evil, as if he enjoys pain inflicted on others." She relates the dream where the child bites her as she nurses and laughs at the pain in her face.

"I have kept this hidden from Ob, for I know how much he fears the daemon blood being carried on...S ilk, what should I do; just keep my fears to myself?" If he even dreams this could happen he might ask me to end it... and I couldn't do that. Do you think we could control the boy if he is indeed daemon?... teach him to hold back his natural instincts to blend with the rest??"... Pandora turns her face to look at Ob as he plays; enjoying his time on stage as his fellow gars do... turning back to Silk she pleads... "Please, tell me you have some answers for me; and if your instincts lead you to the same conclusion... can you guide me; will the birthing be different?... I have so many questions, Silk."

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