Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ike watches the couple dance, wrapped in each other. Her thoughts go to another time, green hills and laughter. Closing her eyes, she pushes the memories away before Tori catches them. Puzzled, Tori glances at Ike, who turns to lean across the bar to give Monty a kiss.

Keon waits until Tori is again looking into Tannr's eyes. He clears his throat, getting Ike's attention. Mera reaches for the blonde gargoyle. Ike nuzzles the little girl, who giggles and pats Ike's face.

"You have a gift for bringing people out of melancholy, sweetheart. This is a happy day. No time for reliving sad memories."

She kisses Mera and hands her back to Keon. "I wonder, Keon. Will all our children be such treasures?"

Keon tickles his daughter until her giggles turn into shrieks.

"I hope so, Ike. I sincerely hope so..."

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