Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The moment Mab dispatched the assassin in her usual dramatic fashion, Hell Hounds slid among the people assembled. Trooper trotted forward to take his place by Keon's side. Touching the Hound's grizzled head, the Dark Lord frowns. No one had stepped from the Veils, save the Queens and their courts. Each had been checked for glamour. The assassin had been none of them.

Three Hounds inspected the scent trail where Mab's prey had stood. A sharp bark and two took off through the woods, following the scent in reverse. The third huffed a command, gathering the others. All leave save Trooper, who stays among the group in the front.

As the Blackhawks step from the trees, Keon smiles. One touch, and Trooper slips from his side. The Dark Lord nods to the other side of the clearing, acknowledging Mab's, still hidden, Spyder Corps. Slipping through the milling people, Keon makes his way to where Trooper is softly growling at anyone who would touch the arrow. He lays quiet as Keon plucks the feathered shaft from the earth. Miko lands on his shoulder, waiting until Keon holds the arrow by its nock for his inspection. The small warrior flies the short length, then hovers directly before the tip.

He shakes his head, moonlight glittering among the jewel toned strands in his hair. "No poison. I can't believe his shot was tan mal, so bad... Do you think it was a warning, Lord Keon?" When Keon looks at him, drawing his eyes from the magick he is using to look for a spell, Miko continues, his accent rolling r's with the voicing of his thoughts. "Was he trrying to let us know that they can get close without being seen, knowing Mab would kill him... he wouldn't have to report back... and his familia would be safe... I mean he DID trry..."

Keon sits back on his heels, dark sight turned within as he thinks over what Miko has suggested. He barely hears the small man's sighed Too bad she destroyed him. Cannot question now. Keon smiles as he hides the arrow up his sleeve. Wish had said not all of the darker ones want Ruarc dead. Could there be dissension among those who wish the Prophecy not to be?

Guunnar hails him. Mera wants Da to hurry. She wants to see Gran Mer and play! With a smile, he joins his old friend and child. His last thought, before turning his attention to the night shadowed trees is, if Mab's anger had been cataclysmic, Wish would have been even worse, had she and Pike not been watching the cabin, as requested.

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