Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I like Star and Erik, and I have nothing against babies, but I can't wait to get out of this ridiculous outfit and into my usual duds. Gareth looks good in his armor and surcoat, but hell, Gareth looks good in anything (and even better out of it). Me, I look ridiculous - but the invitation said "traditional", and the closest I had to Viking-wear was the armor and surcoat they found for me in the Unformed Plane - the one with the bat emblem on the chest.

If Jack makes just one "Batman" crack, I'm going to shove his head so far up his ass he'll be eating his last meal for the second time….

I escort Raina in… now Raina looks good in the Viking dress, despite the fact that it hides those amazing legs… but it's soft and clingy, and that's almost as good. Not being much of a partier - at least not beyond one-on-one (or even two-on-one) - I don't really know what's coming next. A meal, I'd guess, then maybe dancing and small talk… I'm not much on small talk, can you tell? - so this looks like an evening I'll endure rather than enjoy.

Then Gareth shows up with K'thyri in tow…

One word: WOW!

Okay, explain something to me, If you can. I've seen Ky completely naked and damn near spread-eagle a couple of times - but now, in a floor-length dress, with her hair down, she looks good enough to eat.

Part of it is the color, I'm sure… the dress is a pale turquoise that does amazing things to her eyes, makes them look dark and mysterious… enticing…. Her hair - worn down, for a wonder - is a mass of soft curls and ringlets that seems to make her look softer somehow… more accessible, less like she'd put a dirk in your ribs as soon as look at you. I never realized how clothes can change your whole look before - me, with a century and a half under my belt!

Gareth sidles up to us. "Looking good, lovers," he grins.

My mouth is suddenly dry. "Oh, yeah," I mumble. "You, too."

Gareth is looking at me knowingly with just the faintest hint of a grin… what does that devious little elf have up his sleeve? "We should find  seats before all the good spaces are taken," he says matter-of-factly. Raina and Gareth take the lead and find us seats facing each other across the table. Ky moves to sit beside Gareth, but I take her hand - "May I?" - and move her to sit next to me. Raina gives me a surprised look, then smiles and sits down next to Gareth.

I smile at Ky. "You don't mind too much, do you?" She gives me a grin in return and shakes her head, mouthing the word finally….

The meal begins, but I can't tell you what we ate - apart from myself, of course. I vaguely remember some spicy buffalo wings - which I love, even though they have all the nutritive value of corrugated cardboard as far as I'm concerned - but that's it. Ky looks so alive tonight, sparkling with wit and wicked humor. Every now and then she pulls my face around and kisses me lingeringly while Gareth and Raina grin from ear to ear.

Why do I suddenly feel like I've been set up?

The kisses last long enough that everyone notices - not just the people at our table, mind you, everyone in the bloody tavern - and I get the feeling that a point is being made. I just hope I'm reading it right….

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