Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pandora cannot believe her eyes... she has never seen Ob in this tunic, never knew it existed; but it is perfect for the occasion... and the dark purple shade draws the highlights out in his multicolored hair, whisps of which have escaped his braid to lay around his face. The colors compliment the girls outfits perfectly... and she is proud of what a handsome warrior he is... and his daughter glows as she cuddles in his arms.

Having got the demifaes reports that all is in readiness; they descend the stairs... anxious to see Tori in this dress they keep hearing about.

Pandora almost gasps as she sees Tori turn around from Tanners arms... she is beautiful, the Viking outfit compliments her red hair... and somehow the light that emanates from her face is softened to a more feminine turn. Pandora realizes a lot of that is because of Tannr; he has drawn something special out in Tori.

The room is full of familiar faces turned majestic in their finest garb for this special occasion... its not often they are in the company of kings and queens. There is an air of anticipation at the coming festivities.

Chloe demands her daddy put her down... and is soon crisscrossing the room going to people who's clothing and jewels catch her eye. Her parents smile at her undisguised interest... her small dragon trailing after to watch over her. Soon she finds Keon and Mera;  and lingers for awhile... crying out in delight when she spies the Sea Hag. As terrifying as she is to some by reputation... to the children here she is a beloved gran,and soon Chloe is settled on her lap.

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