Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My patrol is finally done. It has been a long, extremely uneventful, evening.

Pausing in the kitchen side alley, I take a moment to send the twins home for safekeeping. My leathers mist, shifting with a little Djinn magic, into silken skirts, embroidered choli, and sari. My Rider's cloak covers me in darkness as I make my way to the front. I flip open my cell, leave a message for my love, Magnus, and open the door.

I enter the Tavern during Tori's performance. I am impressed. She has a lithe body, a dancer's flexibility. She has aroused so much sexual tension in the room, I could easily get drunk off it.

Jeb kisses my hand. The werewolf is always a force of muscle and strength, and yet whenever I come in the front door, he greets me like a lady. I kiss his cheek, making the beast-man blush. I move to his side, observing the room as he helps me remove my cloak. Such a gentleman. He does growl softly in my ear, telling me I smell exotic. I stroke his cheek, kissing it gently.

"Grazi Jeb. You know how to warm a woman's heart."  I wink slowly, adding, "among other things." He chuckles as I move into the crowd.

Pandora had asked to speak with me. She sounded worried, and as Josi had not mentioned anything, other than the fact they were trying for another child, she was obviously hiding it from him... and doing it well.

I find her among the crowd and scan her energies. Worry emanates from her as sex does from Gareth and Raina. I lay a hand on her shoulder, startling her. I kiss her cheek and lean close.

"Peace Cooza. We will speak when Ob is back on stage after this break, si?"

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